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Communication audits

Why do you need to do a communication audit?

You may need to do a communication audit if you want:

  • Customers to respond better to your communication
  • To be consistent across your different communication channels (e.g. website, brochures, social media)
  • To have a consistent brand voice
  • To comply with the Consumer Protection Act

A communication audit will help improve your communication to customers

A communication audit looks at the following:

Communication channels:

  • The channels you’re using to speak to your customers (e.g. website, social media, emails, brochures, newsletters, letters etc.)
  • The information your customers need and the channels you should be using to deliver your messages


  • Is the language clear and concise?
  • Is your message easy to understand?
  • Are your words free of jargon, buzzwords and other unnecessary fillers?
  • Is your communication correct in terms of grammar, spelling and punctuation?


  • Is the language consistent across documents?
  • Do you have the same style across different media?
  • Is the layout of your documents consistent, and in line with your company’s brand?
  • Is it easy to find your way around your website?
  • Has your website been written properly for online marketing?
  • Do you have guidelines for things like email signatures?

A communication audit will give you easy-to-follow steps to improve your communication

We’ll suggest changes and improvements to your communication. This may include:

  • A style guide so that all your communication is correct, consistent and has a uniform look that’s in line with your brand
  • Easy-to-follow reference guides on writing emails, reports, minutes and other documents
  • A content strategy for your website and social media
  • Rewriting your website
  • Rewriting or editing your marketing material (e.g. brochures, letters, emails etc.)