Lifeline Energy

Our client Lifeline Energy designs, manufactures and distributes solar and wind-up radios and media players for the aid and humanitarian sector. Since 1999, they've reached reached millions of people – mainly women and children – providing 24/7 access to information, news and education.  Lifeline Energy makes it possible for children to receive an education, for mothers to learn about important health issues, and for farmers to keep up with important agricultural information. During emergencies their radios offer a connection to the outside world when people need it most. 

We love being involved with this wonderful organisation. Have a look at some of our work with Lifeline Energy, below.

(Photographs courtesy of Lifeline Energy)


A new website for Lifeline Technologies

We wrote the copy for the new Lifeline Technologies website, a company majority owned by Lifeline Energy. Profits from the company accrue to the charity, in support of its work.

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"I could not afford to buy batteries ..."

When your choice is between buying food and batteries for a radio, feeding your family will always win. A blog on the devastating Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone ...

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The Lifeplayer at the end of our street

Lifeline Energy recently took their Lifeplayer, a solar radio and media player, to Imbasa Primary School in Crossroads. Read more about the wonderful teachers and pupils at this school.

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The story of one Lifeplayer and 35 special children

Angel’s Center in Kampala is a small school with an enormous heart: a heart for children with disabilities, ranging from Down’s syndrome and cerebral palsy to hydrocephalus and autism.

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