What we do

Plain language writing

We can help you communicate with your customers using language that is clear, simple and written in the right tone. Plain language writing:

  • Makes it easier to read and understand complicated information
  • Gets the message across more easily
  • Makes it easier to trust what’s being written
  • Lessens the chance of misunderstandings
  • Minimises frustration

Writing plainly will help you communicate better with your customers – no matter what medium you’re using. We write copy for:

  • Websites (see more on writing for websites …)
  • Email newsletters, blogs and online articles
  • Social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Customer letters and emails
  • Printed marketing material (e.g. brochures)
  • Business and other reports

Editing and proofreading

We can edit and proofread documents, letters and other written material to make sure that your communication is concise, easy to understand and completely correct in terms of grammar and spelling.

Communication audits

We can do a complete audit to make sure that your communication is effective, consistent and within the guidelines of the Consumer Protection Act.

What does a communication audit involve?


Vanilla Flame offers tailor-made training programmes on:

  • Writing and language skills for second language English speakers
  • Plain English in Business

Our English at School programme is for second language English speakers who wish to improve their writing and language skills.

If you’d like to chat to us about how we can help you, give us a ring on +27 21 689-7279 or email info@vanillaflame.co.za.