Plain language copywriting

Flikr Creative Commons: Dovydas Ciomenas

Flikr Creative Commons: Dovydas Ciomenas

“English. Plain and simple.” This, simply put, is why we’re in business. We love words, we love writing and we love training. And we believe that there’s a great need for written and spoken communication that’s simple and easy to understand.

The movement towards plain English has been around for a while. It’s hard to imagine when so much of what we read seems designed to confuse and frustrate us. Just think of the information in your average insurance policy or medical aid booklet! Vanilla Flame can help you make sure that the communication you’re sending to your clients is clear and easy to understand.

Clear and correct communication makes good business sense. Many South Africans have to communicate and write for work in English – a language that isn’t their mother tongue. That’s why we also offer English courses for people whose home language is not English. Our training and teaching programmes, for adults and students, use TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) methods. It’s a way of teaching that’s fun, practical and proven.

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