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About us

Why Vanilla Flame?

The name “Vanilla Flame” comes from my passion for plain, easy-to-understand language. What’s simpler than vanilla? Think of vanilla ice-cream, or a vanilla cake, plain and unadorned. I associate the word “flame” with light, illumination and warmth. And that led me to “Vanilla Flame”. Plain, simple communication that’s easy to understand.

What I do

I love to turn complicated information into communication that works! With over 20 years’ experience as a communication and marketing consultant and copywriter, I’m able to help you communicate clearly. I’ve had experience across many sectors; most particularly financial services, IT, EdTech, and education. 

Vanilla Flame works with independent designers and other suppliers, so together we’re able to manage your communication project, from concept through to final delivery, in a cost-effective way. 

Contact Vanilla Flame

Vanilla Flame, for English communication, plain and simple. If you’d like more information about our services, email me at