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Vanilla Flame. English. Plain & simple.

“English. Plain and simple.” This, simply put, is why we’re in business. We love words, and we love writing. And we believe that there’s a great need for written and spoken communication that’s simple and clear.

The movement towards plain English has been around for a while. It’s hard to imagine when so much of what we read seems designed to confuse and frustrate us. Just think of the information in your average insurance policy or medical aid booklet! Vanilla Flame can help you make sure that the communication you’re sending to your clients is clear and easy to understand.

How can we help?

If it’s words you need help with, we can assist: from writing copy for a website, right through to editing an annual report; from developing a communication strategy to putting together a style guide. 

What is plain English?

Plain English means using language that’s simple, in a style that is clear and easy to understand. It means writing with the reader in mind. Plain English steers away from using jargon, acronyms, and complicated language.

Why Vanilla Flame?

Vanilla – plain and unadorned – comes from our passion for simple language. A flame brings light and illumination. That’s what led us to “Vanilla Flame” – clear communication that is easy to understand!​